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Based in Buckinghamshire, Gunilda Arms & Antiques specialises in quality decorative and collectable canes, arms, and curiosities. Over the years we have been able to carefully select the most exquisite pieces and are the ideal company to approach when you seek delightfully unique antiques. Aimed at the collectors and designers market, our inventory items have been carefully selected for their natural fine condition, history and beauty; ensuring they hold their value as excellent investment pieces.


Our collections include a broad range of styles with items from the 17th century onwards. Focusing on Flintlock, Percussion and Pin Fire Pistols to exceptionally one of a kind Walking Sticks. We also stock items related to the fields of Natural History, Maritime and Tribal history. We are based solely online however, should you wish to view items via appointment or would like to make an enquiry, please get in touch.


Andrew Seddon

Andrew has been an avid Naturalist and collector of antiques from an early age. He bought his first antique walking cane at the age of eleven and hasn't stopped ever since.


He is has lived and worked in the Arctic Circle and holds a Bachelor of Laws as well as a Diploma in Indigenous Studies from the University of Alberta. Andrew is also an active contributor and member of numerous learned societies, which include: The Linnean Society, The Arms and Armour Society, The Canadian Corkscrew Collecting Society, The Association of British Corkscrew Devotees and Enthusiasts and The Antique Metalware Society.

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