A Makila Walking Stick C. 1925
Item: 141

Traditional bovine horn pommel which radiates down to a thin brass collar with Basque Inscriptions and symbols. The top of the shaft is wrapped in a tightly braided goat skin collar. The handle twists off to reveal an iron spike with a further wrapped brass collar. The spike often used by Shepherds in the mountains of the Basque regions to ward off Wolves and other predators can be thrown as a spear or swung around the head to deadly effect. The Makila has been made since the 13th Century utilising traditional and largely secret methods and can often take up to 10 years to make. This is largely due to the traditional growing methods utilised to grow, carve and season the Medlar Saplings required for the shaft of the Makila. 


Very good condition - Some minor splitting to the horn pommel otherwise in very good condition for it's age and intended use.




Width of Handle - 4cm / 1.57in


Overall Length - 94cm / 37in