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A Spanish 18-Bore Miguelet Pistol Deop Ripoll C. 1750 - 1790.

Item: 115

A Spanish 18-Bore Miguelet Pistol Deop Ripoll Circa 1750 - 1790. With shortened two-stage barrel with turned girdle chiselled with a band of foliage, octagonal breech inlaid with silver scrollwork and struck on the top flat with two punzónes (originally gold-lined) of Pedro Estava of Barcelona. Foliate engraved tang, border engraved flat lock stamped with brass-lined maker's stamp. Decorated with a bow and quiver and with foliage on the tail, cock decorated en suite, moulded figured full stock (fore-end repaired on one side at the muzzle), border engraved steel mounts comprising side-plate chiselled with monsters centred on a vacant oval (one side nail missing), spurred pommel, the cap engraved with a flower-head, and bevelled trigger-guard with baluster finial 

Some wear overall, belt hook, rear ramrod-pipe and ramrod missing. 



Bore - 18 Bore

Barrel Length - 20cm / 7.87 Inches 

Overall Length: 36.5cm / 14.37 Inches

This is an obsolete antique pistol and is sold as a collectors item only. No License is required.



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