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Brigg & Co Snakeskin Shooting Stick.

Item: 050

Handles and shaft are encased in snakeskin - minus the top lever and unique removable foot design patented by (Brigg & Co - later to be Swaine Adeney & Brigg). The two handles fold effortlessly downward for sitting and upward for carrying.

The Foot is made from galvanised iron and is removable to assist walking and easier carrying. The foot attaches at both the tip and also at the stem. The foot utilises an ingenious swivel turn catch which locks the foot in place in either position. Some minor stiching loose and a 0.5cm hole where the snakeskin has worn.


With all Swaine Adeney and Brigg products (regardless of age) this Item can be sent back to their workshop to be repaired whenever the need should arise. 




Width of Handle - 10cm / 3.93in


Height of Handle - 12cm / 4.72in 


Overall Length - 82cm / 32.28in



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