A Fine Percussion Cap Box Lock Pocket Pistol

With Round Screw-off Barrel and Concealed Trigger.

A Fine J & W Richards Flintlock Box-Lock Pistol 

C. 1800-1818.

Bronze breech and action, with bright turn off barrel.

A Spanish 18-Bore Miguelet Pistol Deop Ripoll C. 1790.

With shortened two-stage barrel with octagonal breech inlaid with silver scrollwork and struck on the top flat with two punzónes

A Pair Of Flintlock Box-Lock Pistols By Barber Of Newark C.1785


With round three stage turn off Iron Cannon-Barrels. Decorated with a stand of arms and floral engraving to both sides of the breech.

A Balkan Flintlock Pistol 

C. 1890.

Walnut Stock with punched brass furniture. Girdle decoration upon cylindrical barrel. 

A 19th Century Side by Side Percussion Cap Pistol.

With re-browned twist octagonal barrels and rectangular breeches.

The foot utilises an ingenious swivel turn catch which locks the foot in place in either position.

A silver Duck Head Walking Stick C.1907

A Silver Duck Head Walking Stick C. 1907

Fine Silver Hallmarked Duck Head handle with red glass eyes perched a top a mock bamboo ebonised shaft.

A Tribal Walking Stick with Engraved Motifs.

A Hardwood handle resembling an upturned phoenix head adjoining a hardwood shaft. 

Horse Measuring Walking Stick with Spirit Level 

A Bakelite crook handle incorporates a steel cover which when pulled upwards reveals a steel ruler (with measurements in Hands) and an extendable spirit level. 


A One Piece English Glass Walking Cane C. 20TH CENTURY.

With a (14 cm / 5.5 inch) spiral handle extending down to a tri cornered stem.

A Malacca and Ivory dress cane.


An Ivory Grip is separated from the shaft by a Silver metal collar. The shaft is made from Malacca and finished with a steel tipped brass ferrule.



A bovine horn pommel handle with mother of pearl in the centre. The pommel extends down the shaft which consists of various types of of bovine horn and bone discs.

A Military Figure Rosewood Walking Stick Cane

C. Early 19th Century.

A Rosewood hand carved handle resembling the head of a military figure complete with helmet, plume and chinstrap head. 

An Unusual Whaling Harpoon Walking Stick

C. 19th Century.

Oak Crook Handle with Oak Shaft joined by a Steel collar attached to a Harpoon triple flue Harpoon. 

Ngalio Throwing Sword

Sara Tribe C. 19th Century.

A Silver Inlaid Walking Cane C. Early 20th Century.

Retains original inverted F formation with tribal markings. One side is convex with bevelled edges, the other side is plain. 

Hardwood Crook Handle inlaid with Silver floral and Acanthus decorative leaves and Art Deco finishes.




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