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A Fine Percussion Cap Pocket Box

Lock Pistol With Screw Off Barrel

And Concealed Trigger.

Item: 045

A Fine Percussion Cap Box Lock Pocket Pistol With Round Screw-off Barrel and Concealed Trigger.


The pistol is fitted with folding concealed trigger with retiring traces of original blueing remaining, Slab sided walnut butt. Screw-off barrel is 1.77 inches in length. Stand of arms engraving to the frames and with Birmingham Proof marks.


Action crisp and in very good condition. 




Bore - 54 Bore

Barrel Length - 4.5cm / 1.77 Inches 

Overall Length - 14.6cm / 5.74 Inches 


This is an obsolete antique pistol and is sold as a collectors item only. No License is required.



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