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A Kwakwaka'wakw Thunderbird Mask Carved by Manny Georgeson C. 21st Century


Item: 126

A Hand carved 'Human' decorated with traditional Pacific Northwest paint colours found in nature. Made from red cedar. Hair is represented with cedar bark and feathers. Signed.




Width - 17cm / 6.69in


Length - 21cm / 8.26in 

The Human

The Human is incorporated into many Pacific Northwest First Nation story telling ceremonies. Often in the form of a transformation mask - where the human mask is hidden within an animal mask such as a Thunderbird, Whale, Wolf etc. The human often being exposed during the story. 

Manny Georgeson

Manny Georgeson was born in 1961 in a remote community of West Coast Church in Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. Born to a Haida mother and Kwakwaka'wakw father, he was given a grizzly bear as the family crest. Manny was an apprentice of master engraver Dwayne Simeon. 



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